Information on the Mandate with my Law Firm

Our first meeting

The better you prepare our first meeting, the faster and easier I can get a picture of your situation.

Bring all documents pertaining to your case to our first meeting.

As a first step, I will clarify the following questions:
  • How do I assess the chances that your problem can be solved?
  • Are there several possibilities to solve your case?
  • What are the costs to be expected: attorney's fees, court fees, other costs?
  • Am I in the position to take over your case?
  • What steps am I going to take next?
  • What can you do to expedite the matter?

Power of attorney

In order to act as your legal representative vis-à-vis the opposite party, courts and authorities, I need a power of attorney. I use the standard form of the Zurich Bar Association.

Download Power of Attorney

The further course

Before I contact the opposite party or before I submit a brief to a court or an authority, I send you a draft of the respective document.

You will be informed on every step taken and get copies of any in- or outgoing correspondence.

If decisions have to be made, I contact you in order to discuss the possibilities and advise you.

You regularly get an invoice with the details of all legal services performed for you. | Further information

After completion of your mandate

After your case is terminated, I archive the respective file for at least 10 years.

Good to know:


As your attorney, I am independent and only committed to you or your enterprise. Hence, you can entrust me everything without any conditions.

Client attorney privilege

The client-attorney privilege is protected by law through the professional secrecy obligation by which the attorney is bound with respect to everyone, even the courts and public authorities. Therefore, you can openly discuss any matter with me.

You right to terminate the mandate

According to art. 404 Swiss Code of Obligations, you are entitled to terminate the mandate at any time with immediate effect.


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